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16 Dec 2015
dumpster alternative

Thinking about renting a dumpster? We may have a better solution.

Hiring a junk removal company over renting a dumpster might be a far better alternative depending on your needs. Junk Removal companies tend to have a far less minimum rate. Junk Removal companies rates tend to include the labor which can consist of processing, sorting, loading, and disposal costs. Junk Removal Companies are able to Save a lot of things from the dump and re-purpose them by recycling and donating. Typically we also show up and do the work relatively quickly, sometimes as early as the same day.


22 Oct 2015
mattress disposal

It’s Not Alway’s Easy getting rid of that old mattress

Most people have their mattress for 5, 7, or even 10 years before the have to think about getting a new one. It’s not until that moment when they are suddenly confronted with a dilemma. What the heck do I do with the old one? Donating a mattresses can be out right impossible. Besides, who wants a 10 year old mattress? If you are looking to get rid of an old mattress the easiest solution is to just have it disposed.


20 Oct 2015
trash removal

trash haul get rid

Have you allowed a bit of trash to build up? We all get busy and it can happen. A little pile of trash can lead to a big pile of trash in a hurry. There are several ways to get rid of that trash that’s piled up in your yard, garage, or shed. First most cities offer bulk pick up but unfortunately The City Phoenix Bulk Trash Pick Up Schedule is only quarterly, By the time it comes around again you done forgot to put the trash on the curb.