Have you allowed a bit of trash to build up? We all get busy and it can happen. A little pile of trash can lead to a big pile of trash in a hurry. There are several ways to get rid of that trash that’s piled up in your yard, garage, or shed. First most cities offer bulk pick up but unfortunately The City Phoenix Bulk Trash Pick Up Schedule is only quarterly, By the time it comes around again you done forgot to put the trash on the curb.

Here are a few ways to have that trash out of your life.

Simply taking the time to top off your trash cans on trash day.

Speak with a neighbor and ask use any available space their trash cans the night before.

You could load it all in your car and take it to the dump directly…Yuck

Unfortunately these tips don’t work well for bulky pieces of trash that just won’t fit into the trash receptacle.
If you want to see quick and Easy results and don’t have time to mess with that trash or garbage give us a call.

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