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Customer’s Love our Prices so much we made them easier to find!

Our customer's number one question is how much? So we have all of our Estimate pricing on this page to let you get a ball park idea of what you can expect to pay to have your junk hauled away.You can also compare our pricing with our lead competitor's to see how much you can actually save. Our competition hates us for it but, we go a step further and We let you know the dirty little secrets and tricks of the industry so you are informed and can get the best possible price & service. See the details below.


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with 1 800 got junk or any other junk removal company in any way. Competitor's Estimates noted in the above image are listed on their own website and available to the public. You just have to look real hard to find them. They have been updated and are valid as of January 2016. Pricing by individual companies may fluctuate from time to time and in the end they can charge you any amount they deem more or less. Anybody can go to any 3rd party review site and see reviews with a consistent claim of high prices.

pricechart (2)

Certain Single Item's are only charged our minimum rate, such as mattresses, couch's, etc. If you are unsure if your item qualifies Book an appointment or give us a call. We take in account that removing a couch or mattress is a very quick job, so we don't get caught up on volume. Perks of having a larger truck. Fyi we consider a mattress and box spring set a single item. Some companies somehow justify charging as much as $240 for removal. We charge $85

Real Life Pricing Examples

These images and prices represent the average residential junk removal jobs we perform. Most of our customers fall between our minimum rate of $85-$368, but average about $168. Please review our rate card above for a more accurate idea for your specific needs. A picture doesn't always convey the actual volume, so on site estimates are recommended. These images are updated periodically and some prices may reflect our online discount.

Single Item's

mattress removal cost

Select single item's only due to how quick the job can be completed. We consider a mattress set a single item. If you are not sure if your item qualifies give us a call and we'll let you know.

Junk Piles

junk on porch

This image represents what many of our average customer's have as far as material and volume. Please note, our online discount was applied to this price. 

Garage Clean Out

junk in garage

This would of been around a full load with a competitor, costing up to $600. It was only 3/8 of a load for us.

Dirty Little Secrets of the industry

Why am I telling you this? It's a businesses job to make as much as possible, It's a customer's job to save as much as possible. We have a lot less overhead and a better strategy that saves you money. We are thinking long term. Some of our overpriced competitor's are trying to make a quick buck. We want to provide you with a more affordable service, so in six month's when you need that couch hauled away, we are your go to company. Also we are willing to work just as hard for a little less money. Our repeat customer's let us know we are on the right track.


It's all about Convenience

The biggest benefit is convenience. Don't Be Unprepared. You're busy and have a lot of stuff to do, so using a service like this is a life saver. Many junk removal companies take advantage of this and want to put you on the spot. They will usually provide you with a super vague low estimate over the phone only to show up and jack up the price. This one is a bit of a catch 22 for us. Yes to get an accurate assessment of the work that needs to be done, an onsite estimate is recommended but, We also know that once we are on-site most people will pay just about anything. You are vulnerable at this point. It's Easy, It's convenient, your stuff can be hauled off right now. Nobody likes confrontation, most people won't question the price. Some will, but not most. 

An easy to read, visual load rate estimate is very easy to make available. One just like the image pictured at the top of this page. A couple companies make this available but most don't publish any real pricing information, only vague or misleading statements. 






Their truck size is by design-sizing up the competition

junk removal truck size

Most people don't have all that much junk around the house, especially customer's that use service's such as this. Our average customer demographic tends to be made up of middle/upper income households whom have expendable income. They are not hoarder's like on the popular tv show. Our average customer can have a single item, a few pieces of furniture, or a pile of junk in the garage or on the side of the yard. In my opinion the small truck that can hold a meager 400 cubic foot of material is meant to justify the larger price. The truck looks fuller so many people will on some level accept that the price was justified. Nearly all junk removal companies have chosen to adopt this truck as well as other habits. I call them cookie cutter junk removal companies. Same truck, same tactics, same prices, different name. Nothing really sets them apart.

In some instances using a dump style truck is better. If you are hauling rock, dirt, or other loose debris it comes in handy, but for most junk or furniture around the house a large box truck is ideal. We use a box truck but also utilize a dump trailer on the occasions that the work calls for it. Using a larger box truck has it's perks. We never have to cover our load and lose debris on the highway. We can be on the road up to 3 times longer. We have plenty of room to separate any donatable or recyclable material before dumping. It only takes about 15-25 minutes to unload at the dump sites depending on material.

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