Hiring a junk removal company over renting a dumpster might be a far better alternative depending on your needs. Junk Removal companies tend to have a far less minimum rate. Junk Removal companies rates tend to include the labor which can consist of processing, sorting, loading, and disposal costs. Junk Removal Companies are able to Save a lot of things from the dump and re-purpose them by recycling and donating. Typically we also show up and do the work relatively quickly, sometimes as early as the same day.

Renting a dumpster tends to have a higher minimum charge and requires that you load the dumpster yourself which can take up a lot of valuable time. You can always hire additional help to do the work but the cost goes up even higher not to mention the problems that arise with that such as liability, injuries, and the need to now supervise the crew to make sure everyone is doing their job. The contents of the dumpsters typically are took straight to the landfill where they are not recycled and nothing is donated if possible.

Renting a dumpster is not always the wrong thing to do. The best uses for renting a dumpster typically arises when there is a large and substantial amount of debris that is not recyclable. Larger contractor jobs such as removing old roof tiles, or tearing down a structure is perfectly suited for renting a dumpster.