How our Mattress Disposal Service Works

Request your Free Mattress Disposal Estimate Today. Our pricing is mostly based on the volume of your junk to be removed. If you only have a mattress or two we can usually provide you with an estimate right over the phone. Anything more than that and we prefer to Give you a Free On-Site Junk Removal Estimate.  

If you have additional items that you need hauled away along with your mattress set an On-Site estimate is usually best so we can offer you our lowest, most accurate cost to remove and dispose of your items. If you insist we can attempt to provide you with an estimate over the phone but often times that comes down to basically guessing. We definitely don't want to tell you one price over the phone and show up and present you with a different price to remove your mattress and other items.

We have customers that say "They have a lot!" and you get to their property and its not very much at all. We have customers that say "They only have a little." and it turns out to be a lot. 

Upon Submitting your information

We will call you to confirm your appointment time and or attempt to provide you with an over the phone estimate. Don't worry we never share your information with 3rd parties and do not spam you with annoying emails. The information we collect is simply to contact you regarding your junk removal estimate and appointment time.

We will do our best to accommodate your requested date and time but cannot guarantee the requested time you submit. If your mattress is accessible you do not necessarily have to be there. We do not go into your home without a party present but can remove items from your backyard, side yard, driveway, etc. We then can call you while on site and confirm the amount and collect payment right over the phone or you can leave payment in a designated area such as under a door mat. 

We provide you with a 2 hour window on the date that you requested and give you a courtesy call around a half hour prior to our arrival. After we evaluate your mattress and other items you need removed we will provide you with our cost to remove the materials. If you like our estimate we can almost always do the work at the same time. If you prefer to shop us around a bit we can come back at a later date. 

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There are plenty of places that haul off old mattresses, but not all mattress recyclers can provide you with a cheaper quote than us. Arizona Rubbish Disposal is the best full service residential and commercial mattress disposal company in Phoenix, Arizona. We are a Professional junk removal business that can get rid of household, office and commercial junk, quick and cheap. Renting A big commercial roll off dumpster can be too expensive and you have to do the loading yourself or provide the labor which can add up quickly

Our Local Mattress Disposal Service is Quick & Easy

Our Local, Full Service Mattress Disposal is quick, easy and affordable and includes all loading, sorting, and associated recycling and disposal fees. Arizona Rubbish can haul away your mattress and other items from anywhere on your property including your inside your home, garage, yard, attic or basement. When you need someone to haul away and dispose of large heavy items, We are the Junk Guys to call. When you want the junk removal job done right, don't call a College Hunk, Call a JunkMan. We know exactly how to haul away and easily get rid of your unwanted items. Arizona Rubbish Disposal is a responsible and green disposal company. We do everything we can to donate and recycle before disposing of your old mattress and items at the dump.  Whenever possible we utilize the City of Phoenix dump sites because they have the best policies set in place to recycle and divert as much mattresses and trash from the landfills as possible.